20 years of working closely with the IT departments of our clients, has allowed us to understand the problems associated with its management. In order to provide a global response to the management of IT departments we have developed "Systam", an integral management tool based on ITIL methodologies, of modular design and adapable to any platform.

“Systam” modules:

- HelpDesk Management.
- Software and Hardware Inventory (integrated with Nagios).
- Database knowledge management.
- Invoicing of services by cost centres.
- Management of SLA agreements.
- Planning of maintenance tasks..
- “Reporting” and IT Balance ScoreCard.


- Web application entirely developed in Java.
- Multi company.
- Multi language.
- Multi platform:
   - Operating Systems (Solaris, Linux, Windows Server).
   - Database (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL).
   - Web Server (Apache, Microsoft).
- Architecture: web server in network or cloud service.

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